Sunday, 11 October 2015

What I Eat In A Day

Most of you will know (of) Niomi Smart, and a large majority of you will have probably seen her What I Eat In A Day videos. First things first, I am not vegan, and what I eat is no where near as healthy as she eats, but recently I've wanted to change up my diet, and what is more motivating than to blog my experiences, where I can look back on in the future.  p.s thanks for the inspiration niomi!
Breakfast and I have a love hate relationship. Most weekends I skip this meal (which I know if awful) and replace with a large, unhealthy brunch. However, my Nutri-Bullet has been a life saver, every morning I actually get excited thinking about what fruits and veg I am going to blend for my morning smoothie. This particular morning I chose to have a avocado, banana, spinach, nectarine and apple smoothie (or it could possibly be a juice because I blended it with water). Anyway, I deliberately made a large cup of this to keep me going for the next few hours, and I must add that it was surprisingly filling.

Lunch is a meal which also varies from day to day. At school, I will normally consume a sandwich or some sort, but at home I tend to stick with cooked lunches, and the majority of the them contain eggs.
I made this scrambled egg on toast from scratch *pro chef?* and piled it onto two slices of white bread. Something I do want to change in my diet is swapping white bread for brown bread, but this will have to be a gradual change.
In celebration of my mums birthday, I accompanied my family to a dinner at Cote, which was lovely. In some ways this doesn't fit the post, of course I do not eat out every single night, nor do I have a starter at home, however the food quantities and types are similar. For starters I ordered the Pork Rillettes with Sourdough Bread, not realising that the meat came in a pâté form. I ended up swapping my starter with my dad, who had ordered calamari, and gosh that was a gorgeous dish! For mains, I ordered the Chargrilled Chicken Breast with Garlic Butter, and that was divine, I've never tasted chicken that good. Now, because I was following a set menu, a pudding was obviously obligatory. The 'Crumble Aux Pommes' took my fancy, and like the other dishes, it was very delicious.


  1. all looks so delicious! I will have to try that smoothie combo, lovely post xx

  2. Everything looks so nice and healthy, thanks for sharing!

  3. Good luck ! The smoothie looks great , thanks for sharing x

    Imaan |

  4. I love the photos! I love these type of posts and youtube videos, I get a lot of ideas about how I can eat a lot more healthily.
    Nice post :)x

  5. Great post! I love reading posts like this and getting inspiration of new things to try. :)

  6. I love smoothies! Most of the time I keep skipping the breakfast, I just don't have time for it :)

  7. I wish I liked fruit, I always envy people's smoothies, but I just can't drink them. Definitely enjoyed reading this post. xx :(


  8. All looks so good! I definitely need to start on smoothies for breakfast!

  9. That chicken looks absolutely delicious! I have been trying to eat more healthily recently and cutting out snacks throughout the day and I think smoothies for breakfast sounds like a great idea :) x

  10. Yummy! I've been drinking more smoothies lately which really helps get vitamins in an easy, tasty way :)


  11. I've been trying to eat better recently and failing...
    However, the smoothie/juice sounds delicious and the food you ate at Cote looks amazing- will have to go check it out sometime. Would love to see more of these posts from you!

    Aim | x x


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