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The Naked 2 Palette Review

Ten months, over three hundred uses. Not once has this palette appeared on my blog. Why? That is a question I simply do not know how to answer, but yes, I am extremely ashamed.
I believe this palette is £36, and before any of you wince at the price, totally forget about it. I would have payed up to £100 for these shadows! (oh and before anyone thinks this is a sponsored post, forget about that as well because it's not). Anyway, the box included the palette, a double ended UD brush and 4 sample UD primers.
The palette itself is about a 20cm wide metal tin, with a large mirror, a double ended brush and 12 different shadows. The metal casing is very practical, closing with two clasps unlike a magnet (which the first Naked palette had). Although it isn't the smallest of palettes, it is surprising light meaning it's that one bit easier to travel with, however fitting this in your makeup bag will most probably prove a challenge.

The majority of the shadows in this are cool toned, taupe neutrals. 9 out of the 12 are shimmery, some more than others.   


Whenever I decide to wear eye shadow, this is the first shade I will apply, considering it is the perfect matte colour to smother across the whole lid. This pigment has a distinctive yellow undertone, easily erasing any redness from my eyelids.


This is the only shade in the second palette which has been repeated from the first, but this makes no difference to me as I don't own the original Naked palette. All the same, I'm glad it's been carried over because it is the perfect shade to apply to create a subtle eye; think a light and airy summer or school-appropriate look.


All hail one of my favourite shades from this palette: Bootycall. It's a gorgeous shimmery, light pink shadow which I make sure I apply to highlight my brow bone and the inner corner of my eye, but it can easily be used as a base as well.

In ways, Chopper is quite similar to Half Baked, just a little more orange toned and definitely more of a metallic colour. I still apply this the same way though, running it through my crease and outer corner of my eye. The only thing I would say is that this shade probably has the most fall out out of all the shadows, but, then again, this only depends on how you apply it.
TEASE (scroll up to first photo)
Just like Booty Call, this shade is another one of my favourites. In the palette, it looks like a light purple/brown colour but as soon as this is applied is turns into a darker more defined shadow, the perfect crease shade. Also, this shadow is one of the 3 mattes, something I love to make a look less shimmery and 'in your face' so to say.
SNAKEBITE (scroll up to first photo)

In all honesty, this shade is probably the most underused by me as I tend to only use dark browns when creating an eye look suitable for a night out. All the same, it is a dark bronze, shimmery colour with a heavy metallic undertone, perfect for defining a smoky eye.

This golden beige colour is the perfect everyday, any occasion shade. I apply this all over my lid and it looks great alone or layered with other shadows.

Unfortunately, I don't tend to use Pistol that much, I suppose a dark, shimmery grey is one of the harder colours to pull off in this palette. However, when used, it creates a dazzling, shimmery look, one for the evening I would have to say though.

This is a shimmery oyster colour, a shade easily blended across the whole lid for a natural look.

YDK has been, in the past, one of UD's best selling individual shadows, and I can see why! I love this cool, metallic brown shade with a plum base as it's easily buildable on the outer third of the lid.

Busted is one of my most used shades, whenever I am going for a smoky look, this will be the shade I run through my crease and along my lower lash liner. Sometimes I also run it across my upper lash line, instead of using eyeliner or Blackout, as it creates a more subtle defined eye.

Last but not least, is a pure, matte jet-black colour, perfect for running around my upper lash line to create a very messy, smoky eyeliner effect. There isn't much more to say about this shade, oh, apart from I am very impressed with how little fall out it produces.

Overall, I am very impressed with this palette, Urban Decay have created something spectacular. The only thing preventing this product from further success is the price tag, at £38.00 I know there are many dupes out there, but nothing can simply beat the quality of this palette.


  1. I have the Naked 1 palette and I was thinking about getting this one too but I didn't really know what sort of shades it had! So this post is absolutely perfect- thank you! It looks stunning! xx

  2. I love the Naked 2 palette! The colours in it are so good and im not even going to mention the brilliant quality! Just also wanted to thank you for the lovely comment on my blog. I really appreciate it. Your blog is amazing by the way, just followed :) x

    Have a fab day,

  3. I own the Naked 3 palette but I would love to get the Naked 2 palette because the colours are so pretty!
    Nice post :)xxx

  4. This is such an incredible post! I have the Naked 2 and find it so interesting to see how other people use the shades x

  5. Unfortunately I don't own any of the Naked Palettes, but the Naked 2 is the one I really want to try. Lovely post x

    Beauty Girl

  6. I am thinking about getting one of these for Christmas, um decisions x

  7. I think I'm the only blogger in the world not to own ANY of the Naked palettes - I really need to pick one of them up though as this does look so beautiful :)

    Claire | | xx

  8. Great review! I have always wanted one of these palettes but the price always sets me back. Do you think there are any good drugstore dupes? Lydia Eve,
    P.S. I was wondering if you had a spare few minutes, if you could pop over to my blog and maybe give me some feedback. I'd be happy to return the favour xx

  9. I have the naked palette the first one and I love it. The colours, the texture and the pigmentation is amazing. I definitely thinking about getting the second one as well.

    Zeynab x
    The Beauty Load

  10. This palette is so beautiful and it has many gorgeous shades! Great review!

  11. Honestly, the only thing stopping me from buying this is definitely the price tag. College student probs, but I know that the beauty blogging community raves about this one a lot! What a lovely little round up, Hannah!

    May | THE MAYDEN

  12. I want this so badly! I can never find the motivation to spend that much on an eyeshadow palette though.
    The Rad Wife

  13. I absolutely love urban decay naked palettes! They are just so so beautiful (even if they do cost a bit!) xx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

  14. I want this palette! The shades look absolutely amazing especially for natural looks x

    Speckle of Lisa

  15. Urban decay eye shadows are by far the best I have ever tried. I still haven't gotten a naked palette but now I'm wondering why ever not?! It's totally worth the price.

    Ayesha xxx

  16. love the naked 2 pallette! its probably my favorite one still :)


  17. Great post dear! Have a nice day:)

  18. I only have the Naked 1 palette but I love it so much and the second and third ones have been on my wishlist forever! x

  19. I love my Naked 1 but have never picked up any of the others! I think if I do it'll be the 2 as the shades are so wearable xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty | Zoeva Giveaway

  20. I have the Naked 1 palette and this one and I really like both. I love how this palette is a little more cool toned too.

  21. I love this palette! I think it has a lot of gorgeous shades. Have you tried Naked 3 or the Smokey Palette? I've been so tempted to buy another one.

  22. I can't believe I still don't own a single Naked palette, though if I ever did take the plunge, I'd go for this one ;)
    Sal xxx
    UmmBabyBeauty | @ummbaby

  23. I adore the original Naked palette, but your gorgeous photographs make this one look pretty impressive!

    Lilies and Lipbalm

  24. This is one of my favourite palettes - I love Booty Call and Tease too! I've nearly used up all of Booty Call though so I'm trying to ration it!
    Laura x FloraLooTwo

  25. I love the Naked 2 palette, though I don't remember to use it as often as I'd like to!


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