Saturday, 29 August 2015

what's been going on recently

1. It's August, which means meant a whole month of no school for me! My holidays have been pretty chilled, which I suppose will be much needed with a hectic exam year ahead of me. Sleeping, Netflix binging, eating, hitting up the gym and occasionally being sociable.
2. Billy Elliot. WOW. If there's one reason to go to London, it is to head to the West End and watch Billy Elliot Live The Musical. Compared to Wicked and Cats, it is quite frankly on a whole 'nother level. However, I am still desperately trying to understand how kids that young can be so talented?!
3. Holiday. Hence my absence. Yes, I have just returned from the beautiful town of Nerja, near Malaga, Spain. I had such a lovely time, even worked up a bit of a tan, so be sure to expect holiday photos soon.
4. Taking photos on a more professional level. I've always known I have a passion for photography, like my DSLR camera is one of my most prized possessions. Yet, when my mum suggested to me to take it upon myself to get a good couple of shots to be framed in our house, I turned it into a really serious job to find that my passion quadroupled within a matter of minutes.

I suppose any photo looks better printed and framed, but I really enjoyed taking a variety of different shots. (The ones above are what I'm talking about!)
5. Desperately trying to figure out a new interior design for my room. Do you ever have those miserable days when you are seriously opposed to your bedroom? Well, let's just say I'm having one of those days, but it has lasted for several weeks instead. I think my walls may need painting as well as my furniture, and hopefully this will change my love for my bedroom seeing as I don't have a few hundred pounds to spare on new furniture!
6. Crying every time I walk into my local Topshop as everything is so cute and I am so broke. Bit of a random one, but it is completely relevant and true. Which leads me onto my next point...
7. Crying because I don't have a job. But not to fret, because my conscience constantly reminds me that I'm only 15, and that's something to worry about when I turn 16. Oh stuff it I am speaking a load of crap, I am in need of a job in order to make much more regular, cute Topshop purchases!
8. One word. Netflix. (Congrats on making an appearance twice in one blogpost). No one will understand my devotion to Pretty Little Liars, EXCEPT THE SEASON SIX SUMMER FINALE EPISODE WAS A COMPLETE COCK UP! Seriously, who else is with me on this? Follow me on twitter (@heyitshannaah) to hear me ramble on a little more with my PLL theories and thoughts!
9. Every day in the holidays I've done exercise, and I am bloody proud of myself for doing so. Whether that be extra tennis or going to the gym, I've made sure I can use my couple of hours of completed exercise as an excuse when I am sat in bed with a whole packet of biscuits watching more Netflix. *third appearance*
10. I promise I didn't intend on a post full of self promotion, *squeals* but I have recently changed my instagram feed up. For years and years I was reluctant to stop with my extremely white and bright theme, but then I became a bit of a sight-seeing savvy and started uploading pictures of pretty interiors and exteriors. To see what I mean follow me here, or search me by my username, @heyitshannaah.

What has been happening in your lives recently?

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Trip Down The Harbour

What I'm wearing: Top-Brandy Melville, Jumper-Topshop, Shorts-Brandy Melville, Shoes-Vans

Yesterday afternoon I headed down to the small, seaside town of Shoreham, and saw it as the perfect opportunity to get a few photos. I have refrained from watermarking these photos, so please remember that all of them belong to me and if you couldn't use them, that would be great.
Happy Sunday and any feedback on my photos would be greatly appreciated! :)
p.s who can spot the extremely cheesy photo of me I decided to keep?!

Sunday, 2 August 2015


We all have those days when we rediscover our favourite mascara of 2011. In fact, back then I was only 12, so my favourite mascara was most probably my mothers current favourite, of which I had ever so kindly 'borrowed' without her knowing. Anyway, my point being that recently I feel like I have neglected half of my makeup collection. I don't know whether the reason for this is because, in general, I tend to wear less makeup, or if it's because it had been stashed away at the bottom of my makeup bag. All the same, I delved deep into my drawers and re-fell in love with some old time classics.
The first two products are the Maybelline Gimme Brow and a Mac lipstick in the shade Syrup. This lippy was my first ever Mac purchase from the good old 2013 (yes, that is a big thing to us girls). It's actually a lovely deep, mauvey-berry shade (the website claims it's a cloudy pink), however this has not been accurately picked up by the camera at all! Fabulous. You will have to make do with your imagination, or better yet, I will link the shade here. 
Secondly, I have neglected my Gimme Brow eyebrow brush for a few weeks now, but this is due to my acquired love for investigating new brow products. (Yes, I did purchase Brow-Archery from Soap and Glory, yes I did fall in love and yes, expect a blog post regarding that very very soon). Anyway, now it's the summer holidays, and I cannot be bothered to properly make up my face every morning, I run this through my brows a few times and I'm good to go. *lazy hannah*
Some of you may be puzzled as to what the purple packet, in the picture above, encloses. I will put you all out of your misery and reveal that it is infact a four pack of eyeshadow primers, which I found in the bottom of my Naked 2 palette box. How have I only just found this? Well, here's my logic. I was super excited to start using my Naked 2 palette, the primers got pushed aside and forgotton about. EIGHT months later, they have been recovered, and I am super excited to start using them.
Last, but not least, my Eyeko eyeliner has not been used for a good six months either. Possibly because I can never be bothered to usually apply eyeliner, or possibly because the last time I attempted to use this product I got so frustrated because hardly anything refused to come out of the nib. Nevertheless, six months later this eyeliner is doing me justice, so much so there's a possibility that it could make it's way into being used in a future makeup look.
Those are the four products I am going to try and make an extra effort to use more. What products in your makeup drawers are lacking in love?