Saturday, 6 February 2016

Three under-used products

Rediscovering forgotten make up is always a good feeling, in fact I'm pretty certain that it emanates the same intoxicating feeling that you obtain when purchasing goodies for the first time. My mood was lifted when I found these three products in the backs of my drawer, I felt like I had just spent a small fortune on make up without actually any money leaving my purse. 

My first rediscovery was a pot of Benefit's High Beam. Highlighter is one of the only make up products which I am hesitant about using, so I don't have to question why this was pushed to the back of my collection. However, when doing a full-glam make up look, I was eager to broaden my horizons and try this, and man I am glad I did. 

Next up, Benefit's Push-Up Liner crept towards the front of my drawer. I understand that this is only a sample size, but now I am asking myself why did I never splurge on the full size version? Eye liner is something I am running extremely low on so I am glad that this product put itself to use again. 

My last product which has been brought back to life is a white eye liner from MUA. And guess what, it was only £1! One pound's worth of wonders I should add, not only does this product have an impressive amount of colour pay off but it also comes with a sharpener.