Wednesday, 28 January 2015

A Polyvore Collection #1

Recently, I have been in love with the app Polyvolve, I'll come home from school and spent countless hours creating my dream outfits! I've gotten hang of the app and to be honest, I am quite proud of my collections and sets so I thought I would blog them too!  Let me know in the comments below if you use Polyvore and if so, what your username is so I can be inspired by other fashionistas! To find me on Polyvore, my username is @hannaahlouise.
Untitled #5

Topshop pattern top
£33 -

Topshop destroyed skinny jeans
£47 -

Yves Saint Laurent taupe handbag
£1,820 -

Zero Gravity tech accessory
£16 -

Urban decay foundation
£26 -

Yves Saint Laurent gold lipstick
£23 -

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Covering Up This January

It's probably no surprise to you that I very much dislike winter; I see January to March as the most useless and miserable months of the year. However, this year I have decided to take it upon myself to make this time of year a more pleasurable one, and I intend on doing this primarily by the influence of fashion. After browsing an endless amount of clothes websites, my love for the Winter and Spring trends has grown massively. I thought I would start off the whole 'fashion series' this year with a whole range of coats I have fallen in love with this January, and obviously as I (sadly) cannot go out and purchase all of these products, I have decided to present them in a wish-list sort of way. For the prices of all the coats, please see the designated link as I've taken the time to link the products to their webpages.

Being the cheapest of the three, I love browsing on the Sheinside website as their clothes are such good quality yet are sold at astonishing prices! You can easily access and browse their website here.
Grey Long Sleeve Tweed Coat: With grey and black being all the range this month, I absolutely adore how sleek and stylish this piece is. This coat is also extremely versatile, however you would find me wearing this over a burgundy dress or skirt! To buy or browse this coat click here-
Green Long Sleeve Plaid Woolen Coat: I've never been a taker for green clothes, but this foresty-black checkered coat screamed out to me. To shop this coat click here-
Black and White Plaid Lapel Coat: Again, checkers- hot on the market this season. This time a monochrome piece caught my eye, I can just image wearing this over an all black outfit on a rainy day. This coat can be purchased here-
Star Stalker Black Cape: Never before have I owned a cape, nor have I even tried one on, yet such a simple and unique piece of clothing continues to intrigue me. Similarly to the grey coat, I can picture myself wearing this with a brightly coloured skirt and a pair of knee high socks. To buy this unique cape click here-

Believe it or not, I have never made an order on ASOS, a few hundred items have ended up in my basket but I guess I see myself as more of an 'in-store' shopper. When I started browsing through the ASOS coats, I guiltily admit I managed to add twenty-odd coats to my wish list, but I've critically narrowed it down so they fit into two collages.
Oasis Melton Parka: This grey number not only looks extremely stylish, but just admire how cosy and warm it looks!
ASOS Coat With Notch Detail: A light pink, furry coat. What else can I say?!
ASOS Formal Parka: I've just realized how similar this is to the grey parka, although I swear they are two different coats from two different shops! I guess this shows just how much I love furry, formal parkas!
Maison Scotch Faux Fur Coat: Just looking at this coat makes me feel all warm, can you just imagine wearing it? I think all my problems of being cold will be solved.

ASOS Coat In Cocoon: Oh. My. Gosh. I cannot express my love for this coat. From the colour to the shape and length, this it literally the most gorgeous coat I think I've ever found on the internet! Not to mention the faux fur which adds such lovely definition to the coat.
ASOS Duffle Coat With Seam Detail: I guess you can never go wrong with a black duffle, this can literally be thrown over anything and you're good to go.
ASOS Coat Cocoon Fit In Textured Wool: Again, the colour of this coat is gorgeous and something anyone can easily pull off. I especially love this as the pastel colour instantly brightens up a look.
ASOS Coat With Shawl Collar: This is a much more formal staple, a classy coat which fits perfectly within the business style.

Miss Selfridge
Considering Miss Selfridge are originally known for their famously stunning dresses, I was very impressed with quite a few of their coats and jackets they have on the market this year.
Mono Block Cape: Although this isn't a coat, capes are also all the range this season. Personally, I've never purchased one but they definitely look fun to style.
Burgundy Check Cape: Another cape- can you distinguish my slowly growing obsession? This time I've picked out a more colourful item, one which will compliment a solid black outfit tremendously.
Black Molly Faux Leather Biker: A leather jacket, probably one of the most staple pieces which has topped the market for years on end. Well I stumbled across this gorgeous one from Miss Selfridge, and I must say I love it.
Multi Stripe Jacket: Last but not least, I have yet another monochrome item, unique but very original. This jacket will work a treat over a snazzy dress on a night out.

P.S. remember to go and check out Sheinside's website, ( as I've heard they are having a massive sale on at the moment which has really tempted me to purchase one of the coats I've listed!

Finally, I've taken it upon myself to start publishing blog posts every sunday and one, surprise day of the week. I don't know how long this will last but hopefully you will like reading my blog posts more regularly.


Sunday, 18 January 2015

My New Year Fitness | 2015

Hello! I have never really addressed the topic of fitness on my blog and being a keen sports addict I am quite surprised. I am debating about starting some sort of 'fitness series' within my blog posts, but I guess I will just have to see how things play out.

First of all, being 'fit' isn't what everyone must do, I just find it ties in nicely with all of the sport I do, considering I have to keep my stamina and strength up all year round. You should all be happy with the size and shape you are. So, just bear that in mind and please don't find these types of posts too patronizing, if you don't like to work out that's fine, or if you do but only a little that's also fine! 

Anyway, I wanted to share the little ways and tips I try to keep my fitness levels quite high, saying this in no means am I a qualified fitness or health instructor though!

Knowing how and what to do
However much you think you know with fitness, there will always be so much more to learn. The most important thing is knowing where to start. Personally, I have been a very active person since a young age so I am naturally quite able when it comes to sport. Saying this, fitness and strength approached me at a whole new level, and even I struggled a little. When I reached 14, I joined my local gym, where I was taught properly how to use each piece of equipment. I must admit I am not the best at regularly working out at the gym, but I do try to go every other week for an hour or two. If joining the gym isn't suitable for you, there are many other ways you can work out at home. A personal favourite of mine is downloading fitness apps onto my phone and seeing to them every morning and evening. I particularly like using 'The Seven Minute Workout Challenge' as this is something I can do quickly before school or in the evening. There are so many apps and fitness videos out there that working out at home is so easy these days, you just have to make the effort. 

Time is key
It's obvious you aren't going to see results straight away, so it is vital that you don't immediately give up after a few days when you don't see a six pack appear on your stomach. Although you may not see bulging muscles, you will however notice a difference in your mood. Exercise is a very good way of clearing your mind and de-stressing, and as time passes, you will eventually start to see your muscles beginning to tone, but that's only if you are doing all your exercises correctly.

Don't overwork your muscles
Believe it or not, you're muscles can quickly get too tired and you need to know when to stop, especially when you're new to working out and exercise. Knowing your limits is pretty essential, considering damaging your muscles is the last thing you want to be doing. It is also important that you warm up and cool down before you do any kind of intense work out. I like to run to warm up, either on the spot or on the treadmill, depending on whether I'm at the gym or just at home. It is equally just as important to cool down after you have exercised. For this, I just do a few, quick stretches such as lunges. Not only does cooling down help to steady your heart rate, but it also prepares you for your next workout session.

Stay Hydrated
Finally, water plays an essential role in exercise. Your body cries for water when you are working out, to prevent you from becoming dehydrated. This can be very dangerous, so making sure you have enough fluid in your system is vital. I like to carry a water bottle around with me and I make sure I finish the whole bottle if not two.
For now those are the only tips I'm confident enough to share with everyone, but let me know in the comments about your fitness routines or aspires, or alternatively how you feel about these kinds of posts!

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Calvin Klein | Cosmopolitan

Being the girl who struggles to pull of any kind of reddy-toned lipstick, I was surprised how flattering this shade looked on me. I had never before tried any Calvin Klein makeup, so when I received this in my Christmas stocking I was eager to see how it wore.

This lipstick applies very easily, especially to pre-moisturised lips. The colour of this sits comfortably in-between a red and pink shade, however there is a sharp orange undertone which is what makes it such a versatile colour. Staying power wise, this lippy stays put for a solid few hours, longer than the majority of drug store products, but not as long as some of my MAC lipsticks.

If you are looking for an effortless, go-to red lip shade, I definitely recommend you spend a few of your pennies and try this one out.

Sunday, 4 January 2015

What I Got For Christmas 2014

Happy 2015! I first want to say that I have a really positive feeling regarding my blog for this year, so I decided to start off with a rather large 'haul' of what I got given and brought around Christmas time.
Disclaimer wise, I am not bragging or showing off, instead sharing and spreading some inspiration for gift ideas as I know lots of you like to see that.
Also, I chose to not show all of my presents but instead I've picked a handful. I'm extremely grateful for everything that I got, even if I haven't featured it in this post!
Finally, if you want to know where any of the following items are from, just leave me a comment below!

I understand Christmas isn't all about receiving, so this year I had lots of fun giving presents too! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and that 2015 is a great year for everyone!

What did you all receive for Christmas?