Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Winter sky's and a 2015 reflection

The process of the sun setting or rising always triggers a photography spark within me. There's just something fascinating that I find about how the sun can manipulate the sky to produce a million and one colours. 

On another note, I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas, and I hope to have a 'What I got for Christmas 2015' post published soon. Considering this is my last post of 2015, I thought to take this opportunity to reflect on the year. 

What I am happy about:
After receiving my new DSLR camera last Christmas, I feel that it has definitely altered my photography, and the quality has increased. As well as this, I am happy with the uniqueness of my posts, before this year I would tend to just follow the usual trends of the blogging community but this year I feel that I have stepped out of my comfort zone a little more. 

What I am not so happy about:
There's only one main thing which I wish I could go back and improve, and that is the quantity that I publish. Especially towards the end of the year, I had many exams which took priority, which is something I fear for 2016 because the whole exam period will be much longer and much more stressful.

My favourite post of 2015:
Summer, Kind of Wonderful. Not only did I name this post after a Gossip Girl episode (favourite. show. ever.) but every time I look back at the post everything about it makes me smile. It incorporates all of my favourite things: the beach, the sun, Pull and Bear clothing, and I was rather happy with the quality of my photos!

I hope you've all had an amazing 2015, and continue to read my blog next year. :)

Thursday, 24 December 2015

The Night Before Christmas

Christmas is tomorrow. 


So, that makes this evening, the night before Christmas. Exciting, huh? 

I suppose my family don't have any Christmas Eve traditions, I know we like to spend time together as a family, but nothing major happens. The bigger picture concludes that this makes perfect sense, after all you must rest before the most exciting day of the year! My evening is going to run as follows: snuggling down in my Shein new sweater (buy here), drinking delicious rocky road hot chocolate and watching classic seasonal films with my family. Not to forget, spoiling my cats with cuddles and love.

I wish you all a lovely Christmas, don't eat too much!
What do you do the night before Christmas? 

Sunday, 6 December 2015

The Best of December Magazine Freebies

It would not be a lie to say that around a quarter of my make up collection is magazine freebies. Furthermore, at least 80% of these are either Clinique or Benefit. Now those figures are out of the way, you can probably imagine how excited I was to see what Glamour and Elle magazine were offering in their December issues. 

Let's start with Elle, because the Benefit release was something quite spectacular: a brand new product available for purchase 9 weeks before it actually launches. Hands down to Benefit, they do produce a few of the best mascaras in my opinion, I have previously loved the Roller Lash and the They're Real, so I was eager to try the latest edition to their They're Real range. As expected, this mascara primer works a treat, I tend to wear it on it's own to create a more natural, brown lash look. I hope to purchase the full size, so keep your eyes peeled for a more in depth review. 

Glamour magazine's December issue was one to engrave a smile into my face. Not only did the fabulous Tanya Burr rock the front cover, but the company offered a range of four different Clinique freebies. Typical me grabbed one of each, justifying my decision with the thought that I was supporting Tanya. Anyway, I have been extremely impressed with all four products: the moisturiser is my go-to one on a daily basis (which saved me a few pounds of having to buy a full size), the mascara can be layered to create a very full-eye effect and both lipsticks have a great colour pay off, especially the red one. 

Have any of you picked up these issues?