Sunday, 27 July 2014

A Summer Staple

Top// Topshop
Skort// Miss Pap
Bracelet// My Clockwork Castle
Necklace// Sprinkleofsilver

During the summer, there has to be one go-to perfect item for you. This post is particularly about an evening statement piece of clothing; the black skort. Now, skorts this summer have been the hottest trend, being sold in pretty much every retail shop in a wide variety of colours. For summer, your ideal colours and patterns may be bright and floral. That is normally the case for me, however I fell in love when I saw this plain black skort- I immediately thought of all those tops and statement pieces of jewelry to wear with it.

I have paired this black skort with a beautiful, deep blue coloured top from Topshop. The patterned hem completes not only the top itself but the whole outfit; it adds a lovely shape to the skort. Shoe-wise, I have just gone for a plain pair of black and suede wedges, considering these dress the outfit up for the evening yet don't draw a large quantity of attention away from the main outfit. 

On top of this, I have a lovely, delicate bracelet from My Clockwork Castle. This is a simple silver chain with a small clock charm on. I particularly love this because it is easy to wear with any kind of outfit, for any occasion. Finally, I decided to wear my necklace from Sprinkle Of Silver as I feel as if the simple, yet effective anchor completes the top half of my outfit!

I hope you enjoyed this fashion post and I inspired you to go and purchase some of my favourite items! The links to all products are below...

Sunday, 20 July 2014

The Patterned Shorts

Hello! I recently picked up a pair of printed shorts from Forever 21. They were under £10, but I took a risk buying these as they are something I definitely wouldn't normally wear.However, it was a risk worth taking, as as soon as I got home and tried them on, I absolutely fell in love with these shorts! I have paired them with a range of tops, just to give you guys some sort of idea of what goes and what doesn't necessarily go with a pair of, in your face, patterned shorts.

First of all, these are the shorts. The material is a light cream with autumnal red and black leaf patterns printed on. These shorts are great to wear in the summer, as the cotton material is very light and thin yet not see through.

The first top I have paired these shorts with is a basic marl grey crop top from Topshop. This crop top benefits the cream tones in the shorts and would be a great outfit to wear down the beach or on a hot summers day.

The next top I have paired these shorts with is a white crotchet top from Newlook. This top is see through at the front so I have worn a white bandeau underneath, however you could easily throw this on when at the pool as a light cover up. I feel like the patterns compliment each other and the outfit.

Thirdly, I adore wearing this black River Island crop top with these shorts. It very much so compliments the black tones in the shorts and I feel as if it completes them. You could easily add a denim jacket or black kimono to slightly dress up this outfit.

Finally, I have a slightly more casual look. This basic black top from Topshop also compliments the black tones in the shorts, however it dresses them down and looks great tucked in. I would pair this with a pair of converse for a simple summer outfit!

There are many more tops that would look great with this outfit, I just showed you a few of them!
Thanks for reading! :)

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Summer Empties

In England, the last couple of weeks the temperature has been reaching the mid to high twenties, so I think Summer has finally arrived. I took the chance to collect all my empty bottles and containers and write a blog post for you all!
The first two products which are both completely empty are both shower gels. The one on the left is a travel size Molton Brown body wash and the one on the right is a Soap and Glory body scrub. Both of these shower gels have worked wonders for my skin, and I especially love the smell of them!

Next, I have two empty make up products; my Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation and Maybelline The Rocket mascara. This foundation ran out quite a while ago now as I wear a BB cream for the summer, however during the winter this supplied me with a great coverage. Also empty is my favourite mascara, but I will be sure to re purchase this item.

Now moving onto skincare. My 10 day samples have now run out, but I can 100% say they made a massive, positive impact on my skin. I will definitely be looking t repurchase probably the full size bottles of these.

Now, I know that I technically still have multiple pieces of broken product inside my Rimmel Powder, however I find it extremely hard to use when broken. It's just when the little bits get stuck to my powder brush and I find it very hard to apply. So, for the sake of around £3, I just went and decided to purchase another one. Alongside my emptyish powder, I have a completely empty Pore fessional from Benefit. This was only a sample size which I received with an old copy of my ELLE magazine, although I loved using every bit of this product as it made my pores shrink away and made applying my makeup a lot easier.

Finally, I have a moisturiser. I actually picked this up in Spain, as they were ridiculously cheap out there, however, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this product. For starters, it smells amazing, which is always key for a moisturiser. Secondly it keeps my skin hydrated for ages and thirdly it is not sticky, which I am always picky about. I am not sure if you can purchase this in England or America, but I am pretty sure if you googled it online, then you'd find it!

That's it for all my Summer empties so far, I hope to try out more products to share with you guys and review!