Friday, 24 April 2015


The most recent purchase of mine was this MAC lipstick, in the shade Love Lorn. It's the third lipstick which I have added to my MAC collection, and in all honesty it is my favourite of the three.

First of all lets talk basics. It is a lustre lipstick and the shade is a beautiful, natural pink, sort of a more vibrant 'your lips but better' colour. The lasting power is good but not great, but then what else do you expect with a lustre lipstick from MAC. Despite this, application is incredibly easy, even I can smear some on my lips on the go without using a mirror and it still looks fab. On top of this, the finish is very soothing and makes my lips nice and plump, something I don't find with my other lipsticks.

For me, this is my go to everyday shade, but it can easily be worn with a heavier makeup look in the evening to take focus away from the lips and drawn to the eyes.

Have you ever tried Love Lorn? Or what if your every day go to lippy?

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Spain Photo Diary Part One | 2015

Just over two weeks ago, my family and I ventured on holiday to Alicante, Spain. I ended up taking well over the expected amount of photos, but I have narrowed them down to fit into two 'photo-diary' blog posts. Part two will probably be published on Wednesday or Thursday, but for now I hope you enjoy snooping through what I got up to over the week!
P.S Please bear in mind that I took all of these photos with my iPhone so they may not be the best of quality, my parents and I agreed that taking my DSLR camera on a beach holiday may not have been the best idea!


Sunday, 12 April 2015

Mini Duty Free Haul

Duty Free always seem to attract me whenever I go to the airport, but then I mean, who doesn't love tax free makeup? I wasn't planning on getting an awful lot, and my mum treated me to a couple of these things, but all in all I was quite satisfied with the products I bought.

The first place I practically ran over to was MAC, probably because the airport is the only occasion I feel strongly enough to splurge on high end makeup. I ended up buying two lipsticks, 'Love Lorn' and 'Capricious', only one of them is photographed as my mum had borrowed the other one, but look out for future blog posts featuring these as they are both gorgeous shades.

The other stand I was eager to buy from was Clinique, I actually ended up getting the two items I purchased from the Alicante Duty Free when I was coming home, and with the euro to gbp rate it actually ended up cheaper. The first thing I picked up was a new brush head for my Clinique sonic cleansing brush, I had seen that they had released an anti-blemish version and my old brush head was getting old anyway. The second thing I purchased was another item out of Clinique's anti-blemish range, and it was the cleansing gel. Previously, I had always used the foam with my face brush, but the lady behind the counter recommended I tried using the gel as the combination of the two worked better together. I've only been using these products for a couple of days but I shall update you soon on how well both work.

What is your favourite thing to buy at duty free? Any particular brands?

Sunday, 5 April 2015

My New Favourite Shorts

Shorts have always been one of my favourite pieces of clothing to wear, I suppose they symbolise summer and the warm weather- both of which make me happy. But, up until now, Topshop shorts were the only make which fitted me well, and we all now how overly priced shorts from Topshop are. So, I was super happy to have found another pair of shorts which did just as good a job, for a fraction of the price, from Sheinside.

I love the pattern of these, the light blue wash under the white flower pattern gives them a really vintage feel. They sit quite high up on my stomach, considering they are high-waisted, yet still long enough to cover all of my bum. In the picture above I've paired them with a plain blue crop top and kimono, and I am so excited to style these shorts with lots of different outfits whilst I'm on holiday in Spain!

You can buy/browse these shorts here (£14.00 on sale)-   

Also, I wish you all a happy Easter and if you don't celebrate it then have a fabulous day anyway!