Sunday, 28 September 2014

Clarins is Calling

Yesterday, when I trotted into boots (like usual), I was overwhelmed to see this deal that Clarins were doing. I've never normally brought a huge amount from Clarins, as I'm not too keen on their makeup, however, since April time, I have been loving their face wash. Anyway, I went over to explore and it turns out that if you buy any two products (I think one has to be skincare) you get a free wash/makeup bag full of great goodies! My previous Clarins face wash was on its last legs anyway, so I grabbed the opportunity to buy two more, and therefor received this free bag!

First of all, the bag is a gorgeous, deep red colour, and the pictures don't exactly do it justice. The main body of the bag is almost a soft, carpet material, and the sides are a fake red leather. Inside, there is just one main pocket (it would have been better with two) which is all lined in a waterproof material. Overall, the bag is definitely quite sturdy, and I can see it lasting me a long time!

Inside the bag, I received four goodies; two Beauty Flash Balm's, a Hand and Nail Treatment Cream and finally a Multi-Active Day Correction Cream. Out of the four I am so glad that it came with two of the Beauty Flash Balm's. In my opinion, they are very similar to a primer, yet the consistency is very viscous and has a lovely feminine scent. This balm also contains olives and witch hazel extracts which is always a good skin smoother.

The bag also contained a Hand and Nail Treatment Cream, which softens hands and strengthens nails. This is great considering, unlike many other hand creams, it doesn't take aaages to soak into your hands. Also, an added bonus is, like every other Clarins product, this smells divine!

Finally, the last goody in the bag was a Multi-Active Day Correction Cream. This also states it's an anti-wrinkle cream, however considering I am still young I will not be using it for that purpose!! However, this is just a light moisturiser, for all skin types, to apply in the morning. I am unsure on how this will react with my skin though considering there is a large amount of fragrance in it. 

Those were all of the things which I got, although I may look to do a detailed review on the Clarins face wash in the future as I love it so much right now!


Sunday, 21 September 2014

5 Must-Have Lip Glosses

I've always been a lip gloss lover- even all year round. I think it's important to add hints of shine to your makeup, especially as we are leaning towards the darker and gloomier seasons. So, I thought it was time that I put together a collection of my all time favourite glosses. Even though they are in order, there is so little between them all, so I suggest you read each review and see what gloss you think would suit you! Finally, all these glosses are a mixture of prices- I have a couple of higher end products and a few drug store ones too.

5.  Benefit Coralista

Coralista is a creamy, bright, coral lip gloss (hence the name) which claims to have an ultra-push effect. As a matter of fact, I do agree with this, as it leaves my lips feeling larger and more plumped than usual. On top of this, this gloss is verging on a matte consistency, just with a gloss finish. This is great if you don't want a great amount of sparkle on your lips and to wear on an everyday basis. You can purchase Coralista here for £14.50- which for a high end brand is an average price for a lip gloss, however it isn't the cheapest!

4. Gilly Hicks Lip Colour

Next up, I have quite an old lip gloss from Gilly Hicks, in fact I think I purchased this around two years ago but I have loved it ever since! This gloss has a very creamy but not too thick consistency with a luscious vanilla scent which makes it smell very unique and feminine! You can't currently buy this online (it's normally £10), however there is a very similar gloss on Gilly Hicks which you can buy here (and it's on sale for around £1!) 

3. L'oreal Glam Shine

I always find that I fall in love with every L'oreal lip gloss I try! My all time favourite has to be their Glam Shine Gloss Brilliance in the shade 102 Always Pink. This gloss claims to last 6 hours, which is quite ambitious, although I think this is one of the only lip glosses I have ever tried which lasts a veeery long time! Even when I eat and drink, the colour and shine stays put! You can find this product in any high street drugstore for just £8.69, or you can find it online here.

2. Bourjois 3D Effet

When it comes to Bourjois, I can never fault any of there products which I own. This 3 dimension lip gloss is exactly what it says- a bold, voluminous and shine elixir gloss. I have the shade 03 Brown Rose which is a dark purple with a pinky brown undertone. This colour is perfect for autumn if you don't want to brave bolder lips in the darker months. You can buy this here for £7.99- so it is one of the cheaper glosses. 

1. Dior Addict Gloss

Finally, I have my favourite lip gloss by Dior. Obviously, most of you will know straight away that Dior products are not cheap, however after months of saving I decided to spoil myself at Duty Free. What I love about these Dior glosses is that they don't consist of just one pure colour, yet a spectrum of glittery tones. The packaging is truely irresistible; a long, crystal clear cuboid with a silver lid engraved with the letters 'CD'. I purchased the shade 653 Rose Surprise which is a very feminine and pretty shade which can be pulled off literally all year round. One coat easily lasts for hours on end and the product as a whole lasts a really long time, which counterbalances the price. You can buy this product here for £22, again not the cheapest lip gloss but definitely worth it if you have a little cash to splash and you're on the hunt for a good quality, high end lip product! 


Sunday, 14 September 2014

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle | Review

I'm constantly on the lookout for new and even better hair products, as I'm trying to grow my hair out longer yet keep it in a good condition. Recently, I stumbled across two new and exciting products. I have used Aussie shampoo and conditioner for years now, so when I saw their new 3 Minute Miracle range, I had to try a couple of the updated products!

First of all, I used the Luscious Long Deep Treatment. This is designed and made specifically for people with longer hair, which is ideal for me with medium to long hair. I always use this after applying and washing out my favourite shampoo (at the time) and then leave this treatment in for around 2-3 minutes.

The other option is using the Take The Heat Deep Treatment. Whenever I have used quite a lot of heat on my hair, I always use this at the end of the week, alongside my Take The Heat shampoo (also from Aussie). 

After using both of these products for a few months now, I have noticed a dramatic difference in the quality of my hair. Any split or damaged ends have toned down and just in general, my hair feels in a much better condition. I particularly would recommend the Take The Heat treatment for anyone who regularly uses heat on their hair or who never feels 100% confident when using heat. On the other hand, if you have medium to long hair and you feel as if your locks aren't that damaged, I would definitely recommend the Luscious Long treatment; it quickly helps to nourish each lock into silky swathes from root to tip. 

I hope this introduced a couple of new great hair care products for you to try out- if you do let me know in the comments!

Sunday, 7 September 2014

The Last of the Summertime Sun

To be honest, I don't think anyone really wants summer to end. I suppose I have a little excitement for the new season (I mean I can start wearing my Autumn wardrobe) however, whilst there are only just a couple of warmer weeks left, I have decided to share one very bright and exciting outfit with you all.

What I'm wearing..

This gorgeous playsuit is from The Fashion Bible. At only £18, this item is a great staple for anyone's wardrobe. The brightly coloured mix of pink and yellows really brightens up the outfit, and the black shorts tone down the playsuit to make it wearable and less distinctive. To be honest, if I'd have seen this online I wouldn't have exactly been desperate to purchase this, purely because it doesn't look like the type of this I'd wear. However, as soon as I tried this on, I fell in love with this playsuit- it is so soft and very figure flattering. At the waist, you will find a black standard belt which is easily fastened or can be removed. On top of all of this, the black, peter pan collar adds a great deal of definition to the staple- it definitely completes the look.

As an outfit, I'd pair this playsuit with a long black cardigan or denim jacket in the winter. Then, on my feet, I'd wear a chunky pair of black heels to dress it up, or alternatively a pair of white or black converse to create a more casual look. On the other hand, if you were to wear this outfit in the last couple of weeks of summer, you could pull it off with no jacket, just a kimono or very lightweight cardigan.

Hopefully you will all go and purchase your last summery outfits to wear whilst you enjoy the last few warmer couple of weeks. This playsuit is just one of many gorgeous clothes The Fashion Bible sell for a great price, so head on over to their website and spoil yourself!

Thanks for reading