Sunday, 31 May 2015

A Whole New Outfit | Topshop + Jord Wood Watches

As promised, I said that I would create a blog post which suggested a way of how to style a wooden watch, and seeing as lots of you were interested how, voila. Although, I must say that I wasn't expecting to go out and purchase a whole new outfit (not too surprisingly all from Topshop) in order to be able to wear this watch, but with the situation of me needing new clothes for DISNEYLAND (screams like a five year old but I am actually fifteen) I gathered, why not pair this wood watch with the outfit and see if it looks any good?

Luckily, it did. In my previous post, when I was reviewing the wood watch, from Jord, as a whole (see here), I suggested that the best way to style it would be with anything denim or colourful seeing as the watch itself is quite a dull, light brown but then it has the most amazing rose gold face. At the time, I wasn't even planning an outfit to fit with the watch, I mean I could have been subconsciously how cool would that have been but realistically I was just pottering around my local Topshop desperately trying to find some new clothes that didn't break the bank. (P.S. I failed on that one as you cannot not break the bank in Topshop).

Anyway, let's get on to what I brought.

First up, is a new pair of shorts. Now I must say that I took a grand total of six different pairs of shorts with me into the changing rooms (I could have taken more but six was the max) and I managed to have a love-hate relationship with the majority of them, this being because they all looked fabulous from the front, but as soon as you turn around a large content of butt is on show. Topshop, please sort out the cut of your shorts, because they really are lovely but for £30 a throw, I don't really want everyone to see more than is needed!! I settled with the best pair, the Moto Vintage Mom Shorts, which were £28. When I say the best pair I really mean that these still show a large amount of bum and tend to rise/roll up after a solid few hours, so possibly go for a size up when buying these as the waist isn't the roomiest either. I am torn between whether or not to sell these on/give them away to someone else and invest in a pair of shorts with more material or not, will inform you of my choice when it's made though.

Next, is this crop top from Topshop, and I've been seeing this style of top everywhere at the moment. I must say that it is quite tricky to wear regarding with what you are planning to wear underneath, the halter top steers it towards the you have to wear a strapless bra underneath it kind of look. But what couldn't you love about a cheap, stripey crop top which looks good with practically any bottoms.

Moving on to this grey jumper/sweatshirt (£30), when I saw this in the shop I instantly fell in love, and no not just because it feels like a snuggly teddy bear (yes it is that soft on both the outside and in) but because everything from the fit to the pattern was perfect. I recently wore this on a ten hour journey and I couldn't have been comfier, plus what really makes this jumper for me is the fact that it is relatively thin so it's perfect to just pull over in spring through to autumn.

So, there we have it, a quite expensive (but worth it, possibly aside from the short-shorts) fashion haul. Let me know if you have any items above, plus your opinions.

What have you recently purchased from Topshop which you love?

p.s. I've just got home from my trip to Disneyland Paris, so expect a blog post full of magical photos very soon!!

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Wishlist : A Brandy Edit

Image Map

Let's be honest, if I could buy every product sold at Brandy Melville, then I would  wouldn't because a) I don't have the money and b) shipping is so bloody expensive! I long for the day that a Brandy store opens near me, well my purse doesn't, as there's just something about this shop that continues to intrigue me.

I'm yet to have written a wish list post this year, so wahey here is the first one. (Plus, if you click on each picture it will take you straight to the product on the website, what a compute whiz I have become!)

I think I'm going to refrain from speaking about each product in depth, we all have the ability to judge what we like and don't like but you will love them all obviously  so instead I shall just pick out my all time favourites to comment on.

*spends a long five minutes trying to choose favourite items..

The white top, in the right-top corner, stood out to me straight away. It literally screams Hannah all over it. Yes, the front is pretty cool, but just look at the back, the cut is so gorgeous! For £12, I find this an absolute bargain (well only if you live in America where shipping is a fraction of the price to anywhere else in the world) and it definitely looks more expensive than it is.

The other item which caught my eye was the grey knit vest top (bang smack in the middle). I am aware that knitted tanks are very much in this season, but up until now I had never found one which I'd actually liked. I was torn between choosing the light or dark grey, plus the white is pretty fancy, but in the end I opted for the light grey as paired with dark, indigo shorts, everyone is bound to envy your outfit.

I'm going to leave the rest of the clothes for you to judge, wow I feel like a personal shopper, but enjoy your next few hours falling hopelessly in love with a bunch of gorgeous clothes (you will get your life back, I promise!)

What is your favourite thing from this collage?

- please note that none of the photos above are mine, but in fact have been taken from the Brandy Melville website. I do not claim to own any of these, I am just sharing them.

Thursday, 21 May 2015


Last Saturday I trotted up to London with my family, and decided that it would be a good idea to take a handful of pictures to present to all of you reading my blog. I must admit that there wasn't much structure to our trip, but then again sometimes it's good to not be too organized and stressed. Also, please (try to) understand that I only live about an hour away from London, although all these photos may make me seem like some eagerly, crazed tourist, I am just a sucker for photography (all photos above were taken with my IPhone 5c camera, so apologies about the poorer quality than usual).

We started the day wandering around Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park (these are the first few photos). It was so lovely to see Princess Diana's memorial and the scenery in the parks was absolutely incredible.

Then, we were off down the road on a trek to the science museum, which I strangely got no photos of? All the same it was a good visit and a lot of fun.

After a very speedy trip down Oxford Street (I had to stock up on my Clinique face wash and get the free gift) we took the tube to Paddington and just look how pretty the canals were! By this point is was late afternoon sun, so it was time to chill out and rest our feet on the grass.

Regarding my outfit I went for something very comfortable but at the same time, stylish enough to wear around London. My top is from Romwe (how perfect is the hem detailing?!), my denim jacket is Topshop, alongside my all time favourite Topshop jeans and a classic pair of black Vans. To finish the look off, I added my Fjord Timepieces watch.

What are your favourite places to visit in London?

Wednesday, 13 May 2015


Recently, I was very kindly sent a watch from JORD Wood Watches. Never before had I seen a completely wooden watch, but since become a tad obsessed with timepieces, I decided to see what they were like and if there was any fuss to be made.  
First of all, JORD is a watch company who make a variety of wooden watches for both men and women. All the designs are unique and there are so many types of wood to choose from for each watch.  
Delivery was extremely fast. After ordering, it only took a few days before this little gift had arrived at my doorstep. The watch itself comes in a sturdy wooden box, (continuing with the wooden theme obviously) which is an added bonus as this ensures that your timepiece stays in an immaculate condition. The watch which I chose was the Sidney Maple Rose and Gold one, (buy here) as the rose gold face and lighter, maple wood really appealed to me. Not to mention, there are silver diamantes engraved around the face! Ordering wise- there is the option of having the watch measured to fit your wrist, and however cautious this may make you, a few extra wooden links are included in the box so you can further adjust the sizing. I would recommend you order the correct measurement, as the buckle is unlike classic watches and there's no option of different holes, in fact the metal clasp fully closes on the inside of the strap so only the wood is visible.
A post regarding how I style this wooden watch will follow soon, but from thinking on the spot, this would look gorgeous paired with a denim outfit- I think denim and wood would make a stunning combo!
Make sure you check out JORD watches here.
What are your opinions on wooden watches?

Watches Made From Wood

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Three New Drugstore Picks | Maybelline and L'Oreal


Despite constantly raving about brands such as Mac and Benefit here on my blog, I feel obliged to write more drugstore based posts, as, at the end of the day, my face is mostly made up of amazing products from brands such as Rimmel, Maybelline and L'Oreal.
Lets start with my most recent purchase: The Eraser by Maybelline. Ever since my holy-grail Collection 2000 concealer ran out, I've been on the hunt for one just as good but from another brand, feeling as if I needed to be more adventurous with my makeup choices. I had seen a few people online rave about this product, but this had such tiny publication compared to other concealers such as the Rimmel Wake Me Up or the Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection. Regardless, this concealer intrigued me, and yes, I am most certain that it was the really cool/abstract looking spongey applicator on the top. I did have my worries about how clean this product would be, considering I had always steered towards a pump or wand-like applicator. After a good month of using this, I can proudly say that I am incredibly impressed with this concealer, the colour matches my skin tone exactly and to prevent any dirt from getting in the sponge top I prefer to dab the concealer on the back of my hand and apply with a brush.
Next up, I bought the Miss Manga mascara by L'Oreal. Unlike the concealer, everyday I am seeing this being advertised in the media, and I can honestly say I see why. The amount of volume this adds to my lashes is incredible, the wand is relatively thick meaning it isn't possibly the best for your lower lashes, but amazing for the top lashes. The texture of this formula isn't too runny yet also isn't extremely thick, which some of my past mascaras have been like. All in all I congratulate L'Oreal for this new release, although the lengthening side isn't the best, an incredible amount of volume is achieved with this product!
Finally, a new foundation found its way into my makeup collection. The Flawless Nude by Maybelline has an extremely light coverage, something I always look for in a foundation as I cannot stand anything too heavy on my face. It has a light-weight, fluid texture, something a lot of high end brands have introduced recently. The finish of this is semi-matte, so I tend to follow by covering my face in a light dusting of powder. My skin has turned quite oily, possibly after changing my skin-care routine, yet this foundation still seems to be quite drying on my face, so if you have relatively dry skin you may want to reconsider before purchasing this. Nevertheless, I am impressed with what Maybelline have produced, yes it may not be as good as the high end versions of a watery-based foundation, however for a drug store dupe I must give them credit.
Do you own any of these products? What are your current drug-store favourites?

Sunday, 3 May 2015

One Top To Note This Springtime

So, it's May and the sun has shone for the last few weeks here in England, what's not better than to jinx this lovely weather and write my first summer post of 2015.

I'm going to start off with this staple piece of clothing I was very kindly sent from Romwe. They are an online shop who sell such gorgeous quality clothes for a very small amount.

When I first saw this top it reminded me very much of a style Topshop released last year. And I must say, I was extremely impressed with the quality for what it's worth. Around 80% of my wardrobe is religiously Topshop, yet this top quite frankly is up challenging my Topshop wardrobe. The material is reasonably thick, so there's no worry of having to wear another top underneath. In all honesty I am planning on wearing this top all year round, it may be advertised for the warmer months but paired with black jeans, boots and a thicker jacket, a whole new spin can be put on this dainty top!

You can buy this lace embellished top from Romwe here, and I would considering it will be under £5 well spent!