Sunday, 28 June 2015

S U M M E R (with Sheinside)

The one piece of clothing I struggle to find every summer is tops. We all have our average pair of denim shorts, possibly a few decorated with vibrant patterns, but when it comes to tops, my wardrobe seems to swallow them all up and leave me with the basics.

My collaboration with Sheinside is holding strong, and I was delighted when they sent me out a new top. Of course, it's black, however both the material type and small details make this top stand out from the rest.

The material is polyester, which makes it feel so soft and smooth, but also it gives the top a sheer finish, allowing it to be dressed up with a fancy skirt for the evening or thrown on with a pair of shorts for the day time. For me, this is the sort of top which I find easy to wear out, whether that be shopping or to see friends and family.

Detail wise, this top is loaded. My favourite part is that the top has two layers to it, making it flow more, adding to the summery effect. The double straps at the back and the lace detailing on the hem also contribute to making this top gorgeous to wear.

For just £8, ($11) this top is certainly a staple which you need to add to your wardrobe. I can already tell that I will be making lots of use out of it this summer, and it won't be a top which I hide away or forget about. The only thing I will say, if buying this, then consider the size in which you purchase. A size guide is available on the Sheinside website, but, from past experience, the straps come up quite long, so bear this in mind.

Have you checked out the Sheinside website yet?

Sunday, 21 June 2015

A Mini June-July Wishlist | Dresslink

Please note that all three clothing pictures belong to the Dresslink website, and the snazzy wooden background is too snazzy to be my own.

Very recently, I have been loving the Dresslink website, whether that be their clothes or accessories. They kindly got in touch with me and asked if I would like to feature them on my blog, so I thought, why not, let's see where this goes.

The first thing which caught my eye was the gorgeous black dress. Obviously, it's a dull colour so it is something I am bound to wear, yet I thought the extra lace detailing adding a little something more, meaning this would make the perfect party frock.

Next up, I've been looking for a pair of lace shorts for aaages. I've seen multiple pairs in Topshop, but I cannot justify spending half of my life savings on a pair of lace shorts there's a possibility that I would only wear on holiday or to the beach. These, however, are only £4.65, a price no one can go wrong with.

Finally, I developed a love for all of the Dresslink swimsuits. This bikini was one of many I added to my list, I mean, just look at the detailing on the back! Also, the coral and blue coloured pattern would really help to show off a tan. Again, this bikini is ridiculously cheap at £5, and to me, it looks just like a Hollister or Abercrombie one. 

I would highly recommend that you check out their website, considering they have very similar styles to high street stores, such as Topshop and River Island, but all for a fraction of the price.
Image Map
Image MapWhat is on your wishlist for July? (Also, where has the year gone, IT'S NEARLY JULY?!)

Friday, 12 June 2015


Recently, the lovely Brenda, from Esqido lashes, sent me out a pair of their lashes, in exchange for me reviewing and testing them out. Before this, I had never brought or owned a pair of false eyelashes, I suppose I saw it as a new learning curve. Now, because I'm only 15 and not one to wear falsies, I asked for a more subtle pair, and thankfully enough I was sent Oh So Sweet, which are a pair of their less vibrant lashes.
Me being me, I didn't realise that the lashes didn't come with lash glue, hence why there is a lack of photos with these falsies actually on my lashes. But not to worry, as this weekend I think a quick venture to town is needed and I will look out for some lash glue, so I can actually wear them. For the mean time, you will just have to enjoy these photos of them in their natural habitat, the box.
As you can see, these lashes are very fluttery and flirty, however not too over-the-top. I will probably plan on wearing these to an evening party, where I want to add a little volume to my lashes without over doing it. The width of the lashes are plenty long enough, meaning they will fit the majority of eye shapes and sizes, all you have to do it cut them where appropriate. In terms of actual length of each lash, they are about 1cm long, so you can tell the difference between wearing these or just regular mascara.
These lashes are part of the MINK collection, which means that they last for up to 25 wears, which personally I think is brilliant, as I was expecting them to be a one of two night kind of thing. They last a hell of a lot longer than normal, synthetic lashes (the ones which most drug stores sell), so I definitely suggest spending a couple of pennies more on these.
The packaging which them come in is very dainty and elegant, which reflects massively on the lashes themselves. I mean, who doesn't love rose gold and white boxes?!
The box is also exceptionally small, meaning that is doubles up as a lovely bedside table ornament.
 In all seriousness though the small size is probably the factor which means that there's free shipping to the UK and US?! Can't go wrong with that.
You can buy Esqido lashes here, and at the moment the pair which are featured in this post are on offer as well, I suppose that's brilliant lashes for a brilliant price.
Also, you may be a tad dazed as to why I've uploaded a post on a Friday, and the reason is that finally, my real GCSE exams are over for this year (plus I can successfully say that I still hate science). Saying that, I still have mock week, the week after next, but I thought that I'd take advantage of my first free night, in what seems like aaaages, and pay a little attention to my blog!! P.S. if your currently in exam period, go treat yourself to a gorgeous pair of lashes, spoil yourself for all your hard work- that's my plan for the weekend?!?!

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Life Lately | Exam Stress, Sunshine and I Got Twitter

Unfortunately my desk is not this cool so I do not own this photo, find it online here.

Ever so sorry about the lack of posts, I am struggling to keep up with publishing two posts per week and the only excuse I have for this is exams. If you didn't already know, I am in Year 10 at school and half way through completing three science GCSE's. If that wasn't full on enough, a week after this I have mock week which is basically a week full of exams in every subject I take at school, what a bundle of fun. So yeah, my absences are due to long hours of revision instead of being able to spend valuable time with my blog (it sucks doesn't it).

On a more positive note, England finally has some sun and warmth. For the majority of you, hot weather in June is probably the normally, but after months of the UK being cold, I think it is fair to say that Summer is arriving! (how badly did I just jinx that?)

Also, in the last month, I purchased a new side table and desk chair (both of which are white, no surprise there) so expect to see some photos once I've finished with all this revision. Slowly but surely, my room is coming together, if you want a refreshed bedroom look but don't necessarily have the money to splurge on a ton load of new stuff, I recommend you change the layout of your existing furniture. I did and my room suddenly looks 10x bigger!

The final thing which I wanted to make you all aware of was that I got twitter! I've had an account for a little while, but every new blog post I upload, I make sure to tweet a link. If you would like to follow me (hello self promotion) my username is @heyitshannaah and I think it'd be a fab way for everyone to keep track of my posts,(P.S. I am a Pretty Little Liars fanatic so hmu with a follow and we can tweet eachother PLL things).

For the meantime, if you are undergoing exam season too, I wish you all the best of luck, and if you are not, then I envy you! I will hopefully be back to publishing my normal posts next week, but for the time being you may like to read my previous posts, such as: