Sunday, 27 April 2014

Brand Focus | MAC Creme Cup

Hello! A couple of weeks ago, I was lucky enough to purchase my second MAC lipstick- Creme Cup. When I arrived at the stall, there were so many lipsticks it was so hard to choose just one! Luckily, I already knew that I wanted this one; after reading many excellent reviews on social media.

The packaging is the same as any other MAC lipstick, and Creme Cup is a Cremesheen, which means it has a creamy formula and is easy to apply. I particularly love this because it means that if I am in a rush, I can just put this lippy on without having to spend the few extra minutes moisturising my lips first.

My first impression of this lipstick was great, I love the nude colour as it is subtle yet still adds hints of colour to my lips. Also, darker red lipsticks don't suit me as well, which means I can wear lipsticks like this colour on a daily basis. Finally, this lippy is perfect for spring and summer! The pastel pink colour accurately matches with its warm undertones. 

This lipstick doesn't smudge around the edges, and you don't have to be as precise as you do with a darker lipstick. Overall, this lippy is fab and very flattering for all skin types, in other words I couldn't criticize it!!

I hope you enjoyed this small review and please leave me a comment below- maybe you own this lipstick too?!