Sunday, 15 June 2014

Brand Focus | Eco Tools Eye Makeup Brushes

Recently I have purchased quite a few more makeup brushes, the majority of which were Eco- Tools. My first impressions of these brushes are great ones. So far, I have got two sets of brushes, the first being the 'Mini Essentials Brush Kit' and the other being the 'Bamboo 6 Piece Eye Brush Set'. I have already muddled up the brushes as I contain them in a light pink glass pot from Ikea, however when I purchased these brush sets they came with a mini travel bag which I thought was cute!

Unfortunately I left out the big powder brush which is why you can only see 7 brushes in the photo!!

In the picture above, I have the slightly smaller brushes of them all. From left to right there is an eye shading brush, a highlighting brush, a petite eye shading brush and an angled brush. I use these brushes when applying one single colour to my lid as I find they are small enough to get the exact colours onto the exact placement of my lid.

Now, in this picture above I have the main two brushes I use when applying eye shadow. The one to the furthest left is the large eye brush which I use as my main blending brush. I love how this is large enough to cover nearly the whole of my lid which enables me to blend and soften hard eye shadows. In the middle is the angled crease brush. I use this to blend in slightly darker eye shadows in my crease and outer eye area to give more definition to my eyes. Finally, (hiding behind the angled crease brush) I have my angled liner brush. I find this is great to blend out my pencil eyeliner as it gives a smoky and less defined, eye look.

Overall, I love the Eco Tools eye makeup brushes. Unfortunately I don't have anything to compare them too as they are the only full set of eye brushes I own, but I am very pleased with the application they provide and I hope to purchase even more!

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Sunday, 1 June 2014

Clinique Custom Fit 3-Step Skincare

Back in April, I wondered into Boots and the first thing which caught my eye was the Clinique counter. (Maybe because its right at the entrance of my Boots store!) Anyway, I was browsing through the products when a lady from the counter asked me if I wanted to try a free 10 day skin care routine. I happily accepted the offer, and she sat me down at the table and tested my skin type. It turns out my skin is combination-dry, so she kitted me up with 3 free samples. 

In the sample box, I received a face wash, exfoliating toner and a moisturiser. Obviously, these three products are designed for combination-dry skin, however depending on what skin type you are they would have supplied you with different products. You are supposed to you each product twice a day; once when you wake up and the second just before you go to bed.

Firstly, I use the face wash. I squeeze a pea sized amount into the palm of my hand and gently rub onto my wet face. I then wash off and dry my face as usual.

Secondly, I use the exfoliating toner. I get a cotton pad and only apply two drops of the toner onto it, considering it is quite strong. At first, the toner smelt very strong and even alcoholic, so when I applied it my skin kind of stung afterwards. This was doing my skin good though, unblocking all my pores and deeply cleansing my skin. After about 5 days, my skin was used to this toner.

Thirdly, I use the moisturiser. Again, I only apply the smallest amount- a little bit goes a long way! I gently rub this all over my face, focusing especially on my cheeks as they can sometimes get a little tight.

That is all, the three step skincare is great, and has had and will continue to have great results! Although it is only meant to last 10 days, mine has lasted well beyond 20 which is great. My skin is already starting to look clearer and I am happy to have finally found a great skin care routine that works well for me! The only problem I have is that my skin type is edging on combination oily, not dry, so I think when I go and change one of the products, the results will be even clearer and quicker!