Sunday, 26 July 2015


My blogging game has not been very good recently, I wouldn't necessarily say I'm experiencing bloggers block, but I am definitely not feeling the same motivation as normal. It's July, it's like 15 degrees and it's raining, let's use this crap weather as an excuse for my lack of blogging, why not?
(Don't let this scare you off, I promise the magical wonders of blogging will enlighten me again in the next couple of days).
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Meanwhile, I was lucky enough to be sent a couple of gorgeous pieces from DressLink. I have to admit, the shipping did take quite a while (possibly tilting just over that one month time period), but when my package eventually arrived, I saw why it was worth the wait.
The first item which I was gifted was this gorgeous ribbed-caged-back crop top. I've seen these all over the internet, with Brandy Melville being the only (but bloody expensive) place where I could find them to purchase. The quality of this top took me by surprise, the material on the front is double layered (sorting out that awkward no-bra situation), and the straps are adjustable, meaning that this top can be for those of you with smaller or larger upper bodies.
In the photos above, I showcased this top by pairing it with my denim Topshop shorts, oversized Fat Face cardigan (thanks mum!) and gorgeous necklace from Happiness Boutique (see full review here). However, I feel that this top would fit perfectly under a see-through (possibly mesh) flowy T-Shirt, or even a backless top to allow the caged effect to be seen.

The second thing which I was gifted was a dress, admittedly, it was very flattering, however it was extremely small. (Small enough to not cover my bottom, hence why no photos are making an appearance). If you were to buy this dress (link here), I would recommend you go a size up, to prevent the problem I had.

Aside from this outfit, I have been awfully naughty and spent quite a lot over the last couple of months, so if any of you want to see a haul kind of post, let me know in the comments below.

Sunday, 19 July 2015

What I've Recently Been Loving

I suppose I had my heart set on writing a monthly favoruites, only just now, at the time of writing this post, it is only the 19th of July, too late for a June favourites and too early for a July. So, let's just call it a 'mid-month favourites', or in this case a 'what I've recently been loving' kind of post.

All through Spring, I have admittedly failed miserably when it comes down to reading. But, as soon as exams were over, I was keen to get my nose stuck into a few more books. Last week, my friend passed on Extraordinary Means for me to read. There's not much for me to say about this, apart from the fact that it left me speechless and I finished it within two days. I've spent more after finishing this damn book questioning life than I did spend actually reading it. I will say that if you are a sucker for a sad, romantic voyage, then this book certainly has your name on it.

Secondly, my brow game has stepped up to another level since my mother very kindly bought me home a new eyebrow pencil, after the remains of my last one got crushed. If you are someone who prefers a pencil, like myself, then this L'Oreal Brow Artist Shaper pencil is a good one to purchase. The colour is slightly on the dark side, but I can make my brows look natural enough considering the pencil comes with a wax and small brush on the other end.

The Body Shop never fail to impress me with their skin care products, so of course I couldn't refrain from including their Chanvre Crème Protectrice Pieds foot-cream in my favourites. Most of the summer, I walk around either bare foot or in sandals, and the last thing I want is dry skin on my feet. This cream really does help to demolish any traces of dry skin, leaving the soles of my feet feeling as soft and new as a baby's bottom (cringes at own writing).

Obviously, this post would not be complete without me sharing the wonders of my first DNKY perfume. Ok, I lie, it's my mums, but for the purposes of this post, it's mine. Literally, this glass bottle screams summer, and I look forward to spritzing myself with the beauty it contains every morning.

What have you been loving recently? Do any of your favourites match mine?

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Juggling Statement Jewellery With The Heat

Now the weather has turned h-

ohgoddamn, you really can tell I'm British as every freaking post I can't obtain myself from starting a blog post regarding the weather

Ok, let's just say, it's summer time, meaning I really dislike wearing layers of clothes, and that does include jewellery. When I find myself putting outfits together, it would be a rare occasion for me to venture over to my jewellery stand and actually manage to keep pieces on throughout the entire day.

However, my sense of fashion has been enlarged by the online world, all of these celebrities and models, rocking big chunky necklaces and bracelets, has really led me into wanting to try myself.

I was very kindly sent a statement necklace from Happiness Boutique. They offer a range of vintage inspired clothing, through to stand out pieces of jewellery. Whilst choosing my necklace, I was very tempted to go all out and try one of their vibrant items. Being the unexplorative fashionista I am, I eventually settled on a medium sized necklace, (called Happy Days)* with just enough silver pieces to get me by. In actual fact, I am very glad I chose this one. The necklace is extremely light weight, giving it an added bonus when wearing on a hotter day. It lightly sits on top of my clothes, which took me by surprise when I was expecting it to feel bulky and heavy on my chest.

The quality of this necklace is also excellent. No metal studs/diamantes were missing, which I find exceptionally annoying when it comes to bigger necklaces, and the item was all in one piece. The greys and silvers allow this necklace to be paired with absolutely anything. Personally, I have been wearing this a lot of an evening, to dress a casual outfit, of white jeans and a black top, up that little bit more. But, then again, this necklace isn't too over the top, meaning it would be suitable to wear of a day time too.

What are your opinions on wearing statement jewellery during the hotter months?

*This necklace has been sent to me for PR purposes from Happiness Boutique. However, all opinions stated are honest and my own, and this will never change, considering my blog is an online place run by me, where I share what I love with you guys. :)

Sunday, 5 July 2015


Soo, I may have had another splurge, and surprise, surprise, the crime was committed in Topshop.

I was actually just browsing the sale racks, in search of some summer clothes, but my eyes were drawn away from these racks and to the section of dungarees. This summer, dungarees are a massive hit, I suppose they are the kimono of last year. I've seen so many people wearing them, but they'd never massively appealed to me... until I grabbed a pair, tried them on and fell in LOVE.

My favourite thing about these dungarees (buy here) is that they are so easy to wear. Just throw them on over a t-shirt, and voila, you are good to go. However, my initial doubts were that I wouldn't be able to pull these off, so here I am introducing three ways to style a pair of black denim dungarees.

The first way I styled these dungarees was with a long sleeved, stripey top. This look will be perfect for the cooler days, especially if you live in the UK as summers here are always unpredictable. Again, the top is from Topshop, and I find the fact that it is cropped makes it fit easily under the dungarees.
The next top which I have styled the dungarees with dresses the outfit down, giving it a suitable approach to be worn on a day-to-day basis. The stripey crop top is from Forever21, I bought it earlier this spring for around £7, which I found to be such an amazing price considering I've gotten so much wear out of this top.
Last, but not least, the final top which I find complements these dungarees is this grey crop top (I'm afraid it's also from Topshop!) This is starting to sound like Topshop sponsored this post, they didn't- I just tend to not be able to stop buying clothes from there. Anyway, the dark grey colour and cut out shoulders fit the dungarees perfectly, adding a little more something to the outfit. I suppose I would dress this up or down, by substituting a pair of heels for converse.
How would you style a pair of denim dungarees?