Sunday, 30 November 2014

On The Wall Fashion #1

I have been loving so many different outfits recently, I've decided to start writing a series of 'On the Wall Fashion' posts. Now, I don't know how long these will last (as I'll most probably run out of clothes to blog about) however I thought the idea was interesting and different!

This week, the outfit I have been loving is quite a simple yet bold piece when it all comes together. With my birthday money, I was lucky enough to purchase some Topshop jeans, these are the Joni ones in black. I've been after a pair of black jeans for absolutely ages now, so I gave in and spent all my money on them- but it was completely worth it!
I have paired these jeans with a knitted, cream top which is from Newlook. This is perfect for Autumn, considering it is cropped so you can wear it with high-wasted jeans yet it has long sleeves to keep you warm in the colder months. Also, long sleeved crop tops appear to be very in right now!  
On my feet, I have just thrown on my favourite pair of black vans, alongside some floral, frilly socks, also from Newlook. I can't get over how gorgeous frilly socks and canvas shoes look right now, I literally wear them everywhere!
To complete this outfit, I have added an azure necklace which is surprisingly from Primark. To match this, I am wearing a lighter blue owl ring which I got in Spain. Finally, on my nails is 'Purple Reigns' by Nails Inc.


Sunday, 23 November 2014

Yankee Candles | Winter Essentials

Yankee Candles are a must when it comes to my winter essentials. I constantly have one or two burning in my house to not only warm me up and give my lounge some decoration, but to also leave the room scented like Christmas which, at this time of the year, is very much needed! This year, my favourites have been:

Sun. Sea. Sand.

Sunlight on Snow
An inspiring, freshly scented candle.

Christmas Cookie
A rich, buttery and vanilla scented candle.

Rainwashed Berry
A fresh and cool candle with a rich, fruity scent.

Snowflake Cookie
A sweeter, sugary smell with a pink, girly twist.


Sunday, 16 November 2014

Autumn Favourites 2014

Surprisingly, there is no specific order to my Autumn favourites, however this does mean that there is something for everyone throughout! Enjoy scrolling through and seeing my favourite Autumn items, and if anything interests you I will leave the links for each item below!

Tartan Scarf // Newlook
Chocolate Orange Rice Cakes // Tescos
Argan Oil // TKMaxx
Mascara // Younique
Candle Holder (cage) // Asda
EOS Lipbalm // Online
OPI Nail Polish // TKMaxx
Necklace // Primark
Yankee Candle // Clintons
Kate Moss Lipstick // Superdrug
Hand Sanitizer // Bath and Body Works
Garnier Cleansing Water // Tesco 


Sunday, 9 November 2014

A November Morning

After taking a few weeks off from blogging, I am finally back- and with a better camera, I am very pleased to say. In fact, yesterday, I purchased the Canon EOS 100D with my birthday money. So far, I am extremely excited about my new gadget, so I am debating whether to do a blog post focused around cameras etc. (Please let me know your thoughts in the comments!)

Anyway, I decided to publish a fashion themed post this week, as I am aware I have been lacking with these, so enjoy!

Dress (similar) // H&M
Denim Jacket // Topshop
Tights // Topshop
Boots (similar) // Newlook

Autumn fashion never fails to excite me: continuous days of layering and accessorizing. With this comes staple items, or in other words a base for an outfit. This November, I have been loving this simple, black skater dress from H&M. I was drawn to this dress on behalf of the cream collar and hem on the sleeves- basic but fine detailing which I love. The body material is thick, which makes it more of a wintry dress in the beginning, however I love how easily this item pairs with others. On this particular occasion, I wore this dress alongside my denim jacket, thick, patterned tights and black lace up boots, and I was extremely happy with the outcome!