Wednesday, 7 May 2014

My 5 favourite mascaras

I always struggle to find the perfect mascara, so today I have put together five of my favourites to hopefully give you some help and guidance.

My first mascara is the Rocket Volum' Express by Maybelline. I have used this mascara pretty much everyday for the last six months, and it is finally coming to an end. I would recommend this for people who like to have big and voluminous eyes, as with a few layers of this mascara, you get just that look! This is also great regarding the price. I believe you can purchase this from places like Boots and Superdrug for only £7.99. You can also buy this product in the waterproof version, which is always handy for people who regularly go swimming or live by the beach.

My second favourite mascara is They're Real by Benefit.This has been the UK's top selling mascara for a while now, and the majority of people I know use this. I have the mini one, which I received in a gift set and it is the perfect travel size. Price wise, this mascara is rather expensive for what it is, and I am aware Maybelline and other drugstore brands have dupes of this product for a fraction of the price. However, I love using this mascara and feel like it really helps to emphasize my eyelashes and draw positive attention to my eyes.

Next, I have the High Impact mascara by Clinique. I used this mascara a lot last year and the year before, but sadly it has now run out. Yet again, this is only the sample size, but it still lasted a long time. This mascara helps to make your lashes look fuller and gives an overall effect of lots of volume. I would recommend this product, but yet again I am not sure whether it is worth its retail price.

Fourth on my list, I have the Lash Accelerator Endless mascara by Rimmel. I love the thin, prestigious applicator on this as I feel that when I apply this, it successfully seperates my eyelashes and individually lengthens them and leaves absolutely no clumps. This can be brought from Boots for only £7.99.

Finally, I have the Telescopic mascara by L'Oreal. This is a slightly more expensive drugstore product with a retail price of £10.99. However, I love how this mascara gives my eyelashes infinite length and volume. The only complaint I have to say about this product is that when I first used it, I used to get clumps but once I had worn it more, the clumping slowly stopped. 

To finish off, the next mascara I would like to purchase is The Falsies by Maybelline. I have read lots of great reviews online and I will be sure to write one myself if I get the opportunity to purchase the product!


  1. Great post! The Rimmel Lash accelerator is my all time favourite, but i;m currently trying out the Benefit one! :)

    Style Sunrise

    :) x

  2. I've tried the Benefit one in the past, but I wasn't that impressed! I used to love the Maybelline Colossal Cat eyes and my favourite at the moment is the Max Factor Clump Defy Volumising Mascara!

  3. I really want to try the benefit one x
    I have nominated you for the tumblr tag on my blog!


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