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1) Q) How old are you?
     A) I am 15 years old. A lot of people say I act old for my age (both in real life on online) but most of the time I feel like a 10 year old :))

2) Q) Where do you live?
   A) I live in the South East of England, quite near to Brighton!

3) Q) What inspired you to start a blog?
    A) I read lots of other people's and I didn't have the resources to start a YouTube, so instead I started a blog! Since starting my blog, I realised how much I loved the whole process of blogging- planning, photographing, writing and uploaded made me so happy. From the enjoyment I have had reading all your comments and watching my blog grow and grow, I definitely want to go down the fashion journalism path when it comes to career choice, and I want to keep running my blog for as along as I will remember! 

4) Q) How often will you post?
    A) I post every Sunday plus another random day in the week, however there may be a few exceptions depending on my schedule.

5) Q) What camera do you use to take your blog and instagram photos?
    A) From November 2014, all my photos are taken with my Canon 100d DSLR camera.

6) Q) Are all photos featured on your blog taken by you?
     A) Yes, all photos on my blog are taken by me unless stated otherwise.

7) Q) What do you edit your photos with?
    A) In general, I use camera+, picsart and picfx on my phone to edit, whereas on my laptop I normally use PicMonkey or Canva.


  1. Your blog is stunning Hannah, you've worked so hard to get here and everyone loves it!


    1. thank you so much, it really does mean a lot!

  2. Hannah! Your blog is amazing!

    Reese xo


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