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Hello! I'm Hannah, a 16 year old with a passion for writing, photography and shopping. Way back in the early months of 2013 I created this blog and from then on I wrote, photographed and published a blog post every Sunday, for both me and you. I aspire to look back on this blog when I'm older as some sort of diary throughout my teenage years, except all of you reading this would have come on my journey with me. I hope you like reading through my posts, I try my hardest to vary them so there's a little bit of something for everyone.

On a more chatty note..
I am currently in secondary school, living happily in the South East of England. However, this does mean at this moment in time I am most probably studying for my GCSE's (shoutout to you British people for knowing what I'm on about), and I have opted for Media, PE, Spanish and Geography. Next year I'm heading to college and English Lit, Media, Photography and PE are currently taking my fancy. Saying that, I have 0 clue what I want to aspire to be in the future.
Enough school talk. Netflix and my three cats bring me enjoyment, and alongside this so do my friends and family. Travelling also is a passion of mine, I don't think I find anything more exhilarating than boarding a plane and exploring new territory.
I have a bloglovin' and google+ account which you can choose to follow me on if you want to stay updated with my posts, or alternatively you can follow my blog with the GFC which is on the sidebar to the right. If you have any questions please leave me a comment on my most recent post, I will try my hardest to reply. Thanks! :)


  1. Your posts are always so different and interesting! How do you keep up with inspiration? x

    1. Thank you! I suppose different things inspire me, whether it's other blog posts of youtube videos I've seen or real life situations that I want to turn into my own online content. x


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