Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Winter sky's and a 2015 reflection

The process of the sun setting or rising always triggers a photography spark within me. There's just something fascinating that I find about how the sun can manipulate the sky to produce a million and one colours. 

On another note, I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas, and I hope to have a 'What I got for Christmas 2015' post published soon. Considering this is my last post of 2015, I thought to take this opportunity to reflect on the year. 

What I am happy about:
After receiving my new DSLR camera last Christmas, I feel that it has definitely altered my photography, and the quality has increased. As well as this, I am happy with the uniqueness of my posts, before this year I would tend to just follow the usual trends of the blogging community but this year I feel that I have stepped out of my comfort zone a little more. 

What I am not so happy about:
There's only one main thing which I wish I could go back and improve, and that is the quantity that I publish. Especially towards the end of the year, I had many exams which took priority, which is something I fear for 2016 because the whole exam period will be much longer and much more stressful.

My favourite post of 2015:
Summer, Kind of Wonderful. Not only did I name this post after a Gossip Girl episode (favourite. show. ever.) but every time I look back at the post everything about it makes me smile. It incorporates all of my favourite things: the beach, the sun, Pull and Bear clothing, and I was rather happy with the quality of my photos!

I hope you've all had an amazing 2015, and continue to read my blog next year. :)


  1. These sky pictures are beautiful! Hope you have a good new year! xx


  2. What totally beautifully WONDERFUL photographs. Love love LOVE.

    Ps. Here here - gossip girl - favourite show EVER. Amen.


  3. Gorgeous photos and enjoy your new camera!

    from helen at

  4. I feel the same about sunsets, they fascinate me, I can't resist taking a picture of them... although I never use them for anything other than phone backgrounds!

    Lilies and Lipbalm

  5. Lovely pictures - also gossip girl is my life xo

  6. Gorgeous photos! Just found your blog and I really like it by the way, your photography is awesome. :)

  7. Very nice. Would love it if you could check out my 2016 hair trends tutorials!
    Kisses xo | From Aliona With Love 

  8. Amazing photos !
    Anyway, Happy new year 2016 ! I wish you a year full of good luck, health, success, joy and love.

    xoxo from Paris

  9. I like the most the second photo :) Happy new year!

  10. Absolutely stunning, the pink sky is so beautiful.

  11. These photos are absolutely beautiful, sometimes being grateful about a sunset is all you need! Don't worry about your blog during exams, we all understand.

    Sally ~ DiagonSally


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