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Sunday, 20 September 2015

Summer, Kind of Wonderful

If you know where I received the inspiration for this title from then I am impressed, you obviously know your Gossip Girl just as well as I do! (No, of course I am not re watching the entire box-set for the second time)

Anyway, I think the time has officially come to say our farewells to the summer of 2015. Unlike Blair and Serena's summer, I was not prancing around New York or The Hamptons, *sigh*, but instead, I did have a lovely six weeks off, spending quality time with the people I love.  In celebration of this, I headed down the beach with my camera, and what more would you expect than handful of photos?!

Jeans, belt and top / Pull and Bear

Who of you are looking forward to Halloween and Christmas, because I know I definitely am!

But finally, in celebration of a wonderful summer, comment below your favourite memory of the past season...


  1. Those photos are amazing and your outfit looks really nice

  2. You're photos are so beautiful! I'm also pretty sure I have the exact same top, haha.

  3. This post is so gorgeous gurl!!!! You're insanelyy good at photography and ya look beautiful hon xx

  4. These photos are stunning! I love your outfit too x :)

  5. Beautiful photos!

  6. This location is amazing! I'm also a Gossip Girl addict too :)

  7. My favourite summer memory would be when a spent a day at the water park with my best friends! I love the outfit!
    Nice post :)xx

  8. Your pictures are amazing, looks like you had a good day! And watching Gossip Girl again has to be a good thing doesn't it? Haha, I love Gossip Girl.

    Kristy |

  9. I love simple outfits like this! I could never seem to master this style myself though LOL

    Heba xx || The HebaBloglovinInstagram

  10. Great photos! I love your outfit x

  11. Oh my gosh, how have I only just seen this? I love it! x

    Jade x |


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